Is Your Medical or Dental Staff as Well Trained as They Should Be?

If you run a medical or dental office, you have probably taken the time to make sure that your staff is well qualified and that they are very well aware of how you want things done in your office. You want your patients treated well, and you expect nothing but ethical practices from your staff. Even with all of this, you still may be overlooking something vital. How well versed is your staff in OSHA medical and dental standards?

Though the medical and dental fields are two separate fields, they do overlap, from time to time. For instance, someone might come to a medical office with complaints of being sick to their stomach, when the cause of the illness is an infected tooth that is draining into their digestive system. On the other hand, a patient may come to a dental office with complaints of a sore jaw, that is really the result of an ear infection that is leading to swelling in the jaw area. In any case, many of the OSHA medical and dental standards are the same.

You can make sure that your staff always meets these standards, by making the courses mandatory. Your staff may not always like the fact that they have to take the courses, but you can always promote the idea that the knowledge not only makes them more valuable to your office, but makes them more employable, should they choose to leave your office in order to go to work somewhere else.