Why Continue Education in Home Inspection?

If you already have everything that you need in order to be a home inspector, then you might wonder why in the world you would want to do any kind of home inspection continuing education. For some the answer is simple, but others want definitive answers before they think about investing more time and money in an area in which they already have a certification.

Home inspection is an ever evolving area. Because there are constantly new methods and materials being developed, home inspection continuing education is necessary to keep up with current laws and methods. Consider asbestos. It was once commonly approved for siding on homes, but today’s home inspection would demand that the asbestos siding be removed in a safe manner. Continuing your education in this area means that you can keep up with the changes in material research and other elements of construction and housing inspection.

You are more employable. Perhaps you are currently a city inspector. It would seem that a reasonable goal would be to move forward and become a county or even state inspector. For that you will need to know the laws that govern the county or city building codes. The only way to learn about such things is to keep up with your education. You may even be able to affect the direction of some of the future codes in your area.

By using Education Location, you can ensure that you are always up to date with the latest home inspection requirements, in order to be a valuable resource in your field.