Who Needs to Take HAZWOPER Courses?

HAZWOPER courses, or Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard courses, review the OSHA regulations and procedural safeguards for hazardous materials handling in the US.

These courses must be taken by emergency personnel, hospital staff, and anyone responsible for cleaning hazardous spills. Employees who do not have direct contact with hazardous materials, but who work in a facility where these dangers are present, must also take certain HAZWOPER training courses.

There are three different HAZWOPER classes to choose from. The 8-hour course is a refresher course, and it applies to general site workers who either routinely remove hazardous waste or who are exposed to waste throughout the course of a workday.

A 24-hour course offers more in-depth training, and it is required for anyone who visits an uncontrolled waste operation. After course completion, each student must also undergo one day of supervised field training before being allowed to enter the hazardous waste site.

The 40-hour course is designed for emergency response crews who routinely clean up hazardous spills or dispose of hazardous waste at approved sites. It is important to note that this course is required even for voluntary, non-paid cleanup workers, in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

The handling of hazardous waste is one of OSHA’s top concerns, when it comes to workplace safety. HAZWOPER courses are essential components of job training for anyone involved in hazardous waste handling and disposal. If you work in an industry that exposes you to hazardous waste, be sure to take the proper training courses that will ensure your safety on the job site.