Tips For Growing Your Home Inspection Business

Now that the housing market has recovered and home values are on the rise, it is a fantastic time to obtain or renew your home inspection license. Buyers and sellers are looking to inspectors as they cautiously analyze various property options, and inspectors can provide the guarantee for which they are looking, that the house is sound and that buyers are getting what they have paid for. If you are a home inspector looking for growth for your business, or someone looking to break into the profession, here are some tips for achieving success:

Obtain appropriate insurance: without an industry mandate for certification, many inspectors do not have insurance. You will stand out as a solid choice if you can ensure that both you and your customers are covered, should it be needed.

Provide readable, detailed reports: You should develop a standard report template for each of your jobs and make sure that it provides a wealth of information on the property to your customer. You will want to include details on the condition of the home. This is often a requirement for your customer to receive financing on the home.

Maintain home inspection continuing education: You will want to stay current with all the new information and requirements for the profession. You will also want to be knowledgeable about marketing practices, building codes, and construction trends. There are many online opportunities for home inspection continuing education that are convenient and affordable. Education Location is a hub for continuing education courses that you visit with the latest home inspection continuing education curriculum.

Build your network: Collaborating with real estate agents and prior clients, and finding ways to achieve a web presence for your company will quickly increase the number of clients you attract and will help your business grow.