Teen Drivers: Everything You Need To Know

Every year, thousands of drivers and passengers die in accidents. Even more people are injured from these accidents, making driving a hazardous activity. Outside forces such as weather conditions or animals can cause accidents to occur, but many times, the blame lies with driver error. Teenagers are in the age group with the highest rate of accidents.

Teenagers lack the experience veteran drivers have when it comes to identifying driving threats and reacting in time to avoid an accident. Although these behaviors can be seen in other age groups, teenagers tend to make more driving errors such as speeding, tailgating and illegal turns. These behaviors, coupled with slower reaction time, can lead to serious accidents.

Although inexperience can only be solved by getting out on the road and practicing, proper training can aid in safe driving. Driver’s education focuses on giving new drivers a safe environment in which to learn the rules of the road and how to recognize and react to driving dangers. Many driving instructor vehicles are equipped to allow the instructor to assume control of the car in case of an emergency, allowing the more experienced driver to react in time to avoid a serious accident.

Teaching teenagers to drive safely without distractions can also help prevent accidents. Teenagers who aren’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs and teenagers who put their phones away in the car are less likely to get in a serious accident. A driver who is focused on the road will be able to recognize a danger more quickly, allowing more time to avoid any potential hazards.

Teen Driving

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