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OSHA Medical and Dental Training for Your Staff

Making sure that your office staff is up-to-date on all OSHA training for medical and dental offices is important for your compliance, but it also keeps your office staff and patients safe. Blood-borne pathogens training is perhaps the most important for any practice, so take a few moments to review what this important training covers.

Exposure Control Office Plan

You should have an exposure control plan written for your office, and this should be updated annually. Your staff will need to be made aware of the plan so they can put it into action should there be the possibility of exposure for either a patient or staff member.

OSHA Medical and Dental Training for Containment of Needles and Waste

Exposure or contamination can occur through accidental contact made with needles or waste, so it is important that your staff learns the proper disposal methods, as well as the color-coding of labels for all waste, needles, and contaminated laundry. This coding method puts each of your staff members on alert when dealing with the contents of any containers in your office.

Proper Use of Protective Equipment

Your staff should receive training on the proper protective equipment to wear during procedures and cleanup after each patient. Goggles, gowns, and gloves should be made available to your staff so they can implement the practices they learn at their OSHA medical and dental training courses.

OSHA medical and dental training is designed to create a safer working environment for you and your employees, and when it comes to medical and dental practices, that means avoiding contamination and exposure to blood-borne pathogens.