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Home Inspections Now More Important than Ever

Because of the increase in foreclosures and short sales due to the decline in the housing market, as well as the state of the economy in general, home inspections can play a bigger part than ever when it comes to the decision to purchase a new home. With the potential implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the new tax laws that go with it, people who invest in real estate may be busier than ever this year as they try to gain assets while lowering their income. While they may be interested in purchasing more real estate, they are also going to want to know more about the real estate they are purchasing, so that they do not end up spending more in repairs than they did on the house itself. This means home inspectors need to be on top of things, and may want to look to home inspection continuing education, so that they can assure potential buyers that they have the most current knowledge available.


In normal situations, you do not have to look for things like all the electrical wire having been stripped out of the house, or problems with the plumbing, because the people selling the house are not vengeful. However, people who lose their homes to foreclosure or short sale have a very different perspective. This means you may need to revisit some of the basics you learned while training for home inspection, to ensure that you do not miss any obvious damage done by the previous owners.