Reasons to Consider a Profession in Real Estate

There are many reasons why now is a great time to get into the real estate profession, or to increase your commitment, if you have been working as an agent part-time or on the side. Now that the housing market has finally stabilized and the value of real estate is increasing again, it is a more lucrative job than ever. Other long term benefits to this profession include:

Flexibility — in many cases, you are your own boss. You can set your hours, pick up the kids from school when needed, and go on vacation. You can develop relationships with other agents in your office with similar preferences and schedules and be each other’s back up

Repeat Business — statistics show that people who get to know their agent during the buying/selling process are very likely to use them again in the future, so this is a built-in way to foster growth

Business Growth is up to you — there are literally no limits for growth in this profession. You need good business and marketing skills, but YOU CONTROL your success!

Technology can help become a vital marketing tool — create your own niche by getting creative with your marketing strategies online.

Continuing Education is easier than ever to obtain — it used to be very cumbersome to maintain annual real estate training. Now, this can all be done online, at your convenience and in your own home. Sites like offer current, state-specific real estate training courses, tailoring the content to meet your specific needs and cutting down on the time it takes to complete the training.