OSHA Training Online at Education Location

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government agency that was established as a part of the Department of Labor to protect the health of all of America’s workers. OSHA establishes safety guidelines and plans that each state must follow to help prevent injuries and protect the health of American workers. Medical and Dental offices have to adhere to specific regulations, given that workers in these fields come into contact with blood, bodily fluids, needles and other potentially hazardous materials. The risks in these offices are higher than those in a purely administrative offices.

Failure to comply with OSHA requirements in medical and dental offices can result in hefty fines for the practice. Therefore, it is very important that your office be familiar with the new and updated regulations, so that you can carefully follow the guidelines set by the government. Education Location offers high quality, easily accessible OSHA training online with specific information for medical and dental practices. Specific information covered includes:

How to log in employee complaints and incidents.

How to maintain accurate records following OSHA standards

How to comply with exit route standards

How to promote a culture of safety in the workplace

How to ensure that your practice is current on needle-stick regulations

Rather than worry that your practice is not compliant with OSHA training online, log on at educationlocation.com and complete training requirements for medical and dental offices. It’s fast, and it is easy — and our website has comprehensive and up to date information. Keep your staff and your patients safe!