OSHA Outreach Training at Education Location

OSHA Outreach Training has fast become a key element for continuing education in this industry. While this is a voluntary program and does not always completely fulfill all annual OSHA training requirements, this supplemental information is critical to understanding workplace hazards and safety issues in the workplace.

This OSHA training online program offered by Education Location provides training for workers and employers on recognizing, avoiding and preventing safety and health hazards in the workplace setting. In addition to the OSHA Outreach Training, Education Location also now offers general OSHA training online, which covers broad information on workers rights, employer responsibilities and how to file a complaint if there is a problem.

Workers can participate in 10-hour or 30-hour online courses at educationlocation.com. Generally, the 10-hour course is geared toward entry level workers, and the 30-hour course is more appropriate for supervisors or workers with some safety responsibility. Through this training, OSHA helps to ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights, should there be an accident, so that all workers can more positively contribute to work productivity.

Education Location is an online leader in a wide variety of online continuing education courses and offers the most comprehensive OSHA online training on the web, including courses for construction and general industry, as well as those very important refresher courses. Browse our extensive offerings and get started, today. Our prices are very competitive, our website is easy to navigate, and the best part of all is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home!