Do You Need Continuing Education Online Courses for Insurance?

While you may have already completed all of your training and certification to become a licensed insurance broker, you will still need to stay on top of insurance education requirements, which can be done by taking continuing education online courses. Most states require insurance agents to take courses, from time to time, in order to maintain licensure, so make sure you know what your state requires.

Each state has different requirements for continuing education online courses and license renewal. The State of New York, for example, requires no less than fifteen credits for its two-year licensing period, and you cannot re-take a course for credit in a new two-year period. In California, any extra hours you take can be applied to the next licensing period, but, like New York, it has a two-year term.

No matter which state you are licensed in, you will have to take courses that are approved by the state for your specific type of license. For insurance, some states allow you to take courses that can be applied to more than one type of insurance certification; so one class could potentially apply to your life broker and casualty broker licenses at the same time.

If you work for an insurance agency, your tuition may be covered by your employer, but if you are an independent salesperson, you will likely have to pay for these courses yourself, so it is important to know when you will need to take classes, and how much they will cost, so you can prepare in advance. Be sure to research your state’s requirements so that you can stay on top of your required insurance continued education courses.