First time drivers don’t need the headaches

Not long ago in California, any almost-sixteen year old could take driver training courses after school or over the weekend. Then, when the landmark sixteenth birthday arrived, they could march down and take the DMV driving test to get their shiny new license. These days, it’s not so simple, and many drivers wait until they turn eighteen to begin the process of driver training to avoid hassles, headaches, and red tape. More and more young adults are faced with learning to drive away from the safety and comfort of mom and dad, which can be especially stressful if said young adults have already struck out on their own.

Learning to drive, or learning to do anything for that matter, shouldn’t have to be such a difficult process. That’s what Education Location is for; we get you enrolled in the courses you need, and help you find the perfect driving school for you. We make it easy to compare driving schools online, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.