Education Location does the hard work for you

Continuing education offerings and requirements change all the time. It can be difficult for you to keep up with all of these changes, especially since you only need to renew your license by completing your continuing education periodically depending on the state in which you are licensed. Education Location does this for you. Instead of going from site to site, searching through course listings, state requirements, or worse – attending live courses at night or on weekends, you can simply logon to It’s fast and easy to navigate. It presents options for continuing education for a wide variety of professions. It does the hard work and keeps track of the newest offerings and the most up to date state requirements.

Continuing education is a very important component of professional growth – don’t waste your time sorting and sifting through all kinds of online data. Education Location streamlines this process for you. Visit us at We are here to help and make this process easy for you.