Defensive Driving is Safe Driving

Use defensive driving principles to keep you and your family safe on the road. Online defensive driving courses are often required for those who have unfortunately accumulated points on their driver’s license. The premise is simple – a defensive driver is a safer driver. Defensive driving courses at Education Location teach you to be cautious and always maintain a keen awareness of your surroundings.

Our online defensive driving courses focus on:

current rules for the road

up to date road signs

crash statistics

the dangers of driving while impaired

the dynamics of a crash (speed, place of impact, size of car)

extensive look at safety equipment in a car

crash prevention techniques

the risks of driving while fatigued, distracted or angry

your state driving laws

Many auto insurance companies offer cost savings to their customers who complete these online driving courses. In other cases, you may have been in an accident or gotten a ticket and are required by the court to complete these courses. Regardless of the reason, look at it as an opportunity to keep you and your family safe. Get started today!