Continuing Education: Courses for HUD Home Sales

Continuing education courses for real estate agents are required for maintaining your license, so you should always keep track of when courses must be completed. In many states, you can choose electives as part of the requirements for renewing your license. One real estate continuing education course you might want to consider is a refresher course on HUD home sales.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has many programs that are great for both home sellers and buyers. The rules for some of these programs are ever changing, so taking a current HUD course will help you stay up to date on any applicable changes that could affect your business.

Both HUD and the FHA (Federal Housing Authority) host courses and webinars for continuing education course credit that cover topics such as loss mitigation, appraisals, and program updates. These courses are held throughout the country on specific dates at HUD and FHA-approved locations. In many cases, these are short seminars that last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

You can also take courses at accredited schools in your area, but be sure to make sure that your state licensing board will accept credits taken at the school of your choice. Going to a school that is not approved by your state could result in wasted time and money.

Real estate continuing education courses are not only important for maintaining your license; they also help you stay on top of laws and regulations that can seriously impact your ability to sell homes.