Changes in the Home Inspection Profession

With the explosion of the internet, real estate buyers are more informed than ever. Individuals buying a home can do immense amounts of research on their new home, its features, its potential problems, and often enter the inspection process with very detailed requests about issues and problems that they would like reviewed upon inspection. It is more important than ever for inspectors to provide detailed and thorough information about the home. Buyers are likely to be very interested in ensuring that the roof is in good shape, that the appliances are working, the HVAC unit is not on its way out, and that the siding and wood around the windows are not rotten.

Your inspection report must address all of these and many more important structural issues about each and every home that you inspect. Fortunately, home inspection continuing education is ahead of the game. Websites like Education Location have revamped their curriculum to provide inspectors with the latest information on inspection report format, building codes, marketing and communication skills, and information about building your network, so that you can be positioned to grow your business even during this fast-paced time. is an online continuing education hub that provides a wide variety of professionals with their annual continuing education courses. We have become an online leader in this arena and specialize in home inspection continuing education. Our site is user-friendly and can be accessed anywhere you have access to the internet — your couch, your car, your office — even on vacation!